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    Vidyaarambh with Shankar Mahadevan
    Enroll for any 12 week Instructor-Led course and have your first session with our Guru, Shankar Mahadevan. Limited seats only.
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    learn music. anytime. anywhere
    Live, online classes with expert faculty, customized learning and world class curriculum

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Knowledgeable, imaginative, encouraging teachers who are on a mission to create love for music. In every learner.

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A choice of live online classes with expert teachers or self-learning courses. Learn at your time, your place, your pace.

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A modular pathway of learning with well-defined milestones. For learners of any level—beginner, intermediate, advanced.

My SMA Experience

Advay Malik
Student, Keyboard

Anupama Roy
Senior Student, Hindustani Vocal

Jyothi Saundatti
Student, Hindustani Vocal

Lakshmi N
Student, Carnatic Vocal 



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