It's YOU, and it's time for you to bring your best!

Warm up your voices for SANGAM, the event that's all about YOU- your learning,
your performances, and your interactions with the maestro himself,
Shankar Mahadevan!
Immerse in learning beautiful compositions with performers from across the world. 
Why is this SANGAM all about YOU?
You get to perform for a huge audience,
You will receive feedback from,
You get to interact with, and
You get a digitally signed certificate 
From none other than our very own Guru, Shankar Mahadevan!
SANGAM Online Live 2022 will be broadcasted live on our social media channels,
where millions can watch and appreciate our remarkably talented students.

SANGAM Online Live 2022 will take place on 28th May, 29th May, 4th June, and 5th June, 2022.

All performances will be recorded and played during the event. There will be no live performances during the event.

How do I take part in SANGAM Online Live 2022?

  • Enroll for the event (only active students of Shankar Mahadevan Academy who have joined the Academy before 31 Jan 2022 and are enrolled into an active Instructor-Led course as of May 21, 2022 are eligible to take part in this event).

  • Enrolment fees: 
    : 3999 (plus GST), OVERSEAS- USD: 100, EUR: 100, GBP: 75, NZD: 125

  • You will receive a schedule for 4 practice sessions, where you will be trained on original and special compositions.  

  • Post your training, record and upload videos of you singing your composition and submit them within the given deadline of 15th April, 2022, according to the recording and submission guidelines that will be shared with you.
    Please note: Videos received post the given deadline will not be included in the event

  • Join the session with your batch, dressed at your best, with Shankar Mahadevan himself- live on the date of the event. 
    Don't forget, you have the opportunity to ask Shankar ji any questions you may have. 

IMPORTANT: Please read the Terms and Conditions of the event before enrolling. 
Last date of enrolment for active students has been extended to 14th March, 2022.

Have any queries? Email us at