World Singing Day.

When all the world becomes a stage.

Come together. Sing together.
World Singing Day. It’s the day that falls on the third Saturday of October every year. This year, 2020, October 17 is World Singing Day.

It’s the day that Shankar Mahadevan Academy calls out to all of humanity to come out and sing together. When voices blend together, hearts beat together. And we all know how much the world need all its hearts to beat as one.

What is World Singing Day?

World Singing Day is a global sing-along held annually on the 3rd Saturday in October. Be a part of this global initiative to create more positive human connections.

World Singing Day, the organization, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What is the Song-of-the-Year this World Singing Day?

Quite aptly, the Song-of-the-Year for World Singing Day in 2020 is “What a Wonderful World”. The World Singing Day organization and Shankar Mahadevan Academy together invite you to send your video singing this song solo or as a group with your friends and family.

World Singing Day is putting together a collage of selected videos. So it’s your chance to be a part of a global video montage.

Who can sing on World Singing Day?
You can! You used to sing, once upon a time. Because you thought you could. But others didn’t. So you gave up. And you kept your voice under lockdown. Now it’s time to break that chain and undo that bad mistake. The World Singing Day is a perfect excuse. Just start singing again.

Around the World in 80 Songs!!

World Singing Day invites video submissions from you or groups—family members, housemates, or people who can safely sing together) for its “Around the World in 80 Songs” global video project. The project will feature songs from people in all 24+ time zones around the globe. 

WSD will release individual videos on social media starting September 17 and then each day leading up to World Singing Day (October 17). 

All you’ve got to do is film yourself singing 30 seconds or less of your favourite song. And upload your video to WSD by September 12, 2020.

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